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Sparkling New Year Campaign USA

As you may have already thrown your 2019 new year resolutions overboard we want to show you with un-daunting tips on how to be more mindful and create a set of resolutions that you can commit to ALL year long!

The primary trick is to set realistic goals and not too many. We share tips to help you succeed these resolutions and stay timed!

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Stay Hydrated to Sparkle!

Stay Hydrated to Sparkle

Your body is up to 70% water. All your organs are bathed in fluids, which enables them to do their respective jobs well. If you don’t drink enough water, your organs become parched. They still function, but they become stressed and inflamed, and this causes unnecessary wear and tear.

Staying well-hydrated helps you stay alert and fresh. A feeling of tiredness is often the first sign of dehydration, rather than reach for a stimulant like caffeine, sipping a glass of water can help reenergize you. Drinking mineral-rich Gerolsteiner sparkling natural water can give you an added boost as it contains calcium and magnesium that your body needs daily for optimum cellular activity in all your organs, including your brain.

Also, typically the first pangs of hunger you feel is your body is telling you you’re dehydrated. A sugary snack will give you an instant but short-lived lift, not to mention empty calories. It is more beneficial to drink a glass of water, as not only are you giving your body what it needs, you are boosting your metabolism. Enjoying a glass of Gerolsteiner instead of a snack will help you control calorie intake and get you through any mid-morning or afternoon slump feeling energized and refreshed.

So all in all, staying well hydrated not only improves your overall feeling of wellness and appearance, but it also helps your body stay young and healthy! 

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Get Moving to Sparkle!

Get Moving to Sparkle

It’s well documented that physical activity can improve your health and overall quality of life. Regular physical activity can reduce the risk of certain diseases (for example, diabetes and cardiovascular issues), help manage your weight, lower your cholesterol and help strengthen your bones, muscles, and joints. Regular exercise can change the levels of chemicals in your brain, such as serotonin, and so can help relieve stress and improve your overall mood. Finally, it can prompt better sleep, which is another essential ingredient for better health.

It is recommended that at least 20 - 30 minutes a day can have a significant impact on your overall wellness.* No gym required! You can increase your daily activity by making small changes throughout your day, for example, take the stairs instead of an elevator, or take a brisk walk around your block. There are numerous videos online and apps to help you get started. Just set realistic goals, get moving!

Note: It is always recommended to consult with a medical professional before starting any new exercise plan to confirm that the benefits of exercise outweigh any potential personal risks.

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Sparkle with a Healthier Diet!

Sparkle with a healthier diet

Don’t let this New Year mean another opportunity for a failed diet. Get off that treadmill by making a plan to gradually increase your daily healthy eating habits and enjoy a creating balanced diet rather than one full of restrictions. Your body needs a daily balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and micronutrients aka vitamins and minerals, so it’s never a good idea to eliminate one food group.

Preparing your own food is the biggest step you can make to improve your diet. Lean meats like chicken, turkey and select cuts of beef (for example, flank steak) can all be prepared quickly and paired with a myriad of global flavors for endless variety. Today, between farmer’s markets, expanded choice in the produce aisles and a plethora of frozen options, it’s easier than ever to enjoy vegetables daily. Steaming, roasting or stir-frying are all quick-cooking options. When it comes to carbs like bread, cereals, pasta and rice, it’s best stick to whole grains - increasing your fiber intake prompts your body work to break it down and sustains you longer. One way to avoid the temptation of sugary, carb-heavy snacks is to stock up on tasty, healthful options like nuts, fresh fruit, or low-sugar yogurts. Enjoying a glass of refreshing Gerolsteiner is a great calorie-free pickup.  

In addition to doing your waistline a favor, eating healthier will give you more energy, and stamina and may even improve your mood - what better way to stave off those winter blues!

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Share Your Sparkle!

Share Your Sparkle

Being happy is a goal most people claim they strive for in their lives, sharing kindness is another. In fact, the two are linked - doing good deeds can bring untold happiness both for the recipient and the giver. Volunteering to support and help others can positively impact your well-being, and actually make you feel good!

Some experts believe it’s in our nature to want to help others. Helping others can boost your sense of self-esteem and self-worth. It can help expand your personal and professional social network, and enable personal growth and edification by expanding your world-view and cultural perspectives. 

Regrettably, our fast-paced lives more often then not can distract us. However, with a little planning a healthy habit of volunteering can be built. Review your typical week or month and examine where you can carve out time to volunteer and give back to your community or support another.

No matter what kind of volunteer work you do, you contribution to your community is invaluable. The act not only enables work to get done, and supports people whom through no fault of their own need assistance, it also offers encouragement to those who work in the field.  Happiness is often a by-product of helping others and believing that the world is a somewhat better place because of it. Doing good deeds has mutually beneficial results - it’s a win for all concerned. 

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