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Fitness expert, Ariane Hundt strives to live a healthy, yet balanced life. She passionately believes that being healthy not only means being fit, but also living in the moment and enjoying life to the max. Nutritionist, Elizabeth Fassberg, MPH, RD, CDN, shares her tried and trusted tips for incorporating more healthful eating habits into your daily lives. Drinking water is the healthiest, most natural way to hydrate. To make sure you drink enough our drinking tips might be useful. 

No Excuses - Do Anywhere Exercise Tips

Every fitness trainer knows that the most successful exercisers are those who don‘t wait to have a full hour available for a workout in the gym. See Ariane’s tips for a fun and effective workout - no matter where you are.

Use Your Body:

The best workout is one that requires your own body weight. Perform a routine of 20 each: burpees, push ups, squats, triceps dips (on a bench, bed or chair), lunges, and sit-ups, and you will have worked your entire body.

Use What You Have:

Instead of lugging around heavy equipment for a workout, make use of your environment. Walls are great for push-ups and wall squats. Benches and office chairs are great for triceps dips and step-ups. The stairs at work are perfect for great legwork. Do calf raises while waiting for your bus or train, or during a conference call.

Fit Travel:

Just because you‘re not in your familiar environment, doesn‘t mean your entire routine has to go out the window. Explore a new city by running or biking. Or, connect with a workout group online, for example

Online Workouts:

Try some of the fantastic online platforms that allow you to work out in front of your computer anywhere. Most health and fitness websites and YouTube channels offer a slew of workout options that require nothing but your body. Some examples include,,, and

Five ‘n Five Fitness:

Create your own five-minute fitness routine. Choose five exercises (pick ones you don‘t like as these will work you the hardest) and perform each for one minute. Do these twice a day, and before you know it, you have worked every single muscle in just ten minutes.

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10 Tips to Help You Stay Well Hydrated

Most of you are aware of just how important it is to drink enough water. But this is not always easy. These tips will help you to drink enough throughout your day, so you will avoid getting thirsty.

1. Plan Your Day:

Prepare your daily needed water supply every morning. In general, you should drink 2-3 liters (about four to six pints) of fluids every day. Please recheck your personal daily requirement with your doctor. However, the more exercise you get, and the more you sweat, the more you need to compensate for the loss of fluids, so plan accordingly.

2. The Early Bird Catches the Worm:

Drink a big glass of water once you get up every morning. This is an easy way to kick start your day and help you accomplish your goal in a snap.

3. Set Yourself Reminders:

The Gerolsteiner Drink Check App (available for iOS and Android ) is easy to use and can help you to keep an eye on you daily water consumption. Non-digital options are great too. Placing sticky notes on your computer screen or your refrigerator can also remind you to drink throughout your day.

4. Place a Bottle or Glass to Your Daily Spots:

Place a bottle of mineral water everywhere to remind you to drink regularly: On your desk, next to your computer, on your nightstand. Besides you always have a bottle around you when your Drink Check App reminds you to drink. Often it is helpful to drink from a glass. Try what's the best and easiest way for you!

5. All at Once or Several Sips?

It is important to drink a lot, but you should not drink your entire daily requirement all at once. It is more beneficial to sip water throughout the day, which is why you should develop your dinking routine.

6. Build a Strong Habit:

Experiment to ascertain what routine works for your lifestyle. For example, you can start and end your day with a glass of mineral water. Working in the office? Train yourself to sip mineral water after every telephone call or before each meeting. Driving your car? Open a bottle at the onset of your journey and enjoy a sip every time you must make a stop. What other habit-building ideas can you think of that fit into your daily routine?

7. Stay Refreshed on the Go:

Bring a bottle of mineral water with you when you are out and about. Our handy bottles fit in every bag or tote. They are also fit the drink holder in your car or on your bike, so you can easily stay refreshed and well hydrated.

8. Pimp up Your Water-You Drink with Your Eyes First:

Because of its refreshing clean taste, the best way to enjoy Gerolsteiner is au naturel. If you want to enjoy a little healthy variety now and then, simply add some fresh herbs like mint or basil, or a couple of slices of cucumber or melon. Or a mix of fresh berries like strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries can also pimp up your water. This also makes it easier for you to resign your sugary soda.

9. Double Down on Your Refreshment:

Gerolsteiner Sparkling Natural Mineral Water is various usable. You also get a part of your needed daily fluids from your meals. Use your Gerolsteiner to make fluffy pancakes or sparkling homemade smoothies. Make ice cubes of your Gerolsteiner Water to enjoy chilled Gerolsteiner in hot summer days and boost your mineral intake. Receive new inspirations and recipts from our Facebook page "Gerolsteiner (USA)" and become a fan today.

10. Observe Your Well-Being:

Start keeping a drink-diary where you track your water consumption in relation to your physical appearance, write down the beautiful moments of every day, or note the positive changes in the way you feel. All your successes no matter how small are noteworthy and furthermore motivate you to drink more regularly.

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Tips and Tricks for Healthy Eating

Yes, the kitchen can be an integral part of any workout plan! Cooking your own food is far healthier than buying processed meals or snacks, which can be laden with additives like salt, sugars, and artificial ingredients. Fresh and frozen vegetables, canned legumes, whole grains, lean meat, and fish all provide sustenance, fiber, and nutrients as nature intended.

1. Plan Ahead:

Writing up a weekly menu to post on the refrigerator or in an app and shopping ahead of time makes meal prep a snap.

2. Measure It:

Portion control is important, but it’s tricky to know exactly what the correct amount is, so train your eye by measuring your food for a couple of days, then you’ll find it easier to eat just the right amount.

3. Vegetables Rule:

They’re full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, and low in calories and fat. Filling half the dinner plate with a variety of fresh or frozen vegetables can eliminate the need for that expensive multivitamin.

4. Keep It Real:

If trying to lose weight, steer clear of so-called ‘diet food’. Fat free or packaged foods may seem like an ideal way to stay within the desired calorie range, but they are far from satisfying and may lead to binge eating later.

5. Take Control:

Restaurant and take out food maybe easy and taste good, but you have no idea what chefs are putting into the food; cheap ingredients, extra salt and fat. When you prepare your own food you know exactly what’s in your meal! 

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