Gerolsteiner Sparkling Natural

Join us for the Sparkling New Year Challenge from January 3rd–31st 2018 and the chance to win a free Gerolsteiner water supply

Healthy Hydration

Water is in fact the healthiest and most natural way to hydrate – it contains zero calories, no sugar and no added chemicals. Consuming water is essential to compensate water losses on a daily basis. Improving hydration and drinking habits can make a simple and significant contribution to promoting healthier lifestyles.

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Minerals for Your Body

Drinking mineral water is beneficial to health and well-being. But it is not only the amount of water you drink that is important - what the water contains is even more essential. With Gerolsteiner you can easily maintain your fluid balance while at the same time supplying your body with valuable minerals and trace elements.

Gerolsteiner Mineral Cubes