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Join us for the Sparkling New Year Challenge from January 3rd–31st 2018 and the chance to win a free Gerolsteiner water supply

A New Year - A New You

Sparkling New Year Campaign USA

As each New Year rolls in, who doesn't make a set of a New Year resolutions with the hope of being a better person only to discard them within a few weeks?

This year, join us as we share un-daunting tips on how to be more mindful and create a set of resolutions that you can commit to ALL year long! The primary trick is to set realistic goals and not too many. Each week we'll focus on one popular 'New You' resolution and share tips to help you succeed and stay timed!

To help you succeed we want to give ten (10) lucky fans a free case (15 x 750ml bottles) of our refreshing sparkling mineral water. To enter the Sparkling New Year Sweepstakes, simply fill in your information below.

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Week 1 - Exercise More

Hydrate before, during, and after you exercise

This resolution is typically the one that is abandoned within weeks. You don't have to commit to run a marathon or complete an assault course; it's important just to keep moving regularly because ultimately this will boost your general wellness.

Integrate sports into your daily life and keep your body hydrated and mineralized with sparkling natural mineral water. Gerolsteiner not only refreshes the body but also supplies it with valuable minerals. Why is this so important? Minerals are indispensable to the human organism, however your body is not capable of producing them on its own.

Regardless of what level of increased physical activity you plan, there are plenty of simple methods that can help you improve your odds of keeping this resolution. Try some of these tricks:

Find a Buddy: Exercising with a partner will help both of you to stay on track.

Play a Tune: Music that speaks to you can improve your mood and motivate you. So take some of your happy music along with you the next time you exercise.

Keep a Journal: Tracking your activity can help motivate you. Consider looking for an app you like.

Week 2 - Break Bad Habits

Peplace sugary drinks with unsweetened atternaives

Crash diets don't lead to long-term results as they tend to be restrictive and unsatisfying. It's more productive to enjoy a balanced diet of nourishing meals that incorporate fresh, natural and "clean" ingredients. To find our favorite healthy recipe for Salmon with Oven-baked Vegetables:

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Switching out a sugary soda with all sparkling natural mineral water is just one easy new habit to build. Mineral water is a wholesome and natural way to hydrate - it contains zero calories, no sugar and no added chemicals. Consuming mineral water assists the body in compensating for water losses experienced on a daily basis. Improving hydration and drinking habits can make a simple and significant contribution to promoting healthier lifestyles and improving overall well-being. See our ten tips to stay well hydrated:

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Small steps can lead to significant rewards, here are a few tips to help you get started:

Stop Counting: Don't put extra pressure on yourself by checking your numbers daily. Ditch the scale and the calorie counting, focus instead on the types of the food you're eating - enjoy fresh nutrient-rich whole foods that are healthier than packaged goods. Proteins and high-fiber foods will sustain you longer.

Say No to Seconds: Just because you have leftover food does not mean you have to eat it. Invest in some fun new storage containers and pack leftovers for tomorrow's lunch or freeze it for later in the week. Also, research shows that if you switch out larger dinner plates and bowls for smaller ones, you are likely to eat less.

Week 3 - Be More Confident

Drink water - it brightens skin and strengthens hair and nails

What's the best known beauty secret? Mineral Water!

Gloomy days and harsh weather take their toll on your body, especially your skin. If the human body is missing water, the water deposits in the skin cells decrease - without sufficient liquidity. The skin becomes dry and rough, scaly and chapped. To recover, the skin urgently needs a water supply to recover. Staying adequately hydrated throughout the day keeps you energized and nourishes your skin from within. This internal moisture improves your complexion, and when you look good and feel good, you naturally feel more confident!

Think eight! Getting at least eight hours of slumber each night ensures your body restores itself and drinking at least eight glasses of fluids daily is necessary to stay hydrated.

Smile! This simple gesture can be powerful. People are more attracted to those who smile. It may sound corny, but a smile can make you feel happier, which in turn boosts your confidence.

Stand Tall! Your grandmother was right, pulling your shoulders back and standing up straight can make you feel more confident by seeming taller. A couple of core-strengthening exercises can help too!

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